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Changing The Future Outcome – CTFO” 
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My name is Peter Clarke, I reside in Southern California. I am a versatile veteran businessman, entrepreneur, business and hospitality consultant, coach, and author.

As the principle of MPC Global Enterprises Incorporated an E-commerce Internet Affiliate Business and Hospitality Consulting business, my wife and I operate MPC Global Enterprises Incorporated with our offices located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also, after spending forty-five years in the hospitality field, I am able to definitively provide leadership and consultation to the hospitality industry through a system developed by me that structures profitability to hospitality businesses.

As a point of reference, Peter Clarke is a veteran hospitality and business leader with over forty-five years of experience. My hospitality consulting website is Profits in Hospitality  What I do and my focus! I basically stepped back from actively pursuing engagements finding that I have a real desire to do less. 

Therefore, I only take assignments on a selective contractural basis as my methods are for those that are experiencing a dire need to change. 

My methods, are unique and not comparable to any routine consulting or quick fix programs as they are specifically geared to owners and franchise operators needing to alter their directional course.
I do negotiate and agree on the contract fees in advance. This is accomplished on a personalized plan and not through a cookie cutter approach, but rather tailored to your specific needs. My work also comes with a continued usage assurance so that hence once the assignment is completed I will continue to be available by phone and through my home office. This approach is meant to exclusively benefit the property owners.
My techniques when properly utilized, contribute substantially to restructuring a property’s direction.
I apply sound reasoning and clearly defined approaches.
If you have any questions, concerns, or if you are ready to go, I am right there with you!
Expect What You Inspect Schedules and the Solutions Guide as contained in: 

How to run a Profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Business How to Run a Profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Food and Beverage Business How to Run a Profitable (Hospitality) Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Business Feb 8, 2015, by Peter Clarke, $29.50$ 29 50  Prime, Only 5 left in stock – order soon. More Buying Choices $23.09 (31 used & new offers). Kindle Edition

Sure-Fire Solutions Guide              My two Books on Profits in Hospitality can be found on Amazon-Kindle: The Sure-Fire Solutions Guide The Sure-Fire Solutions Guide: Profits in Hospitality (Expect What You Inspect Book 2) Jun 22, 2015, by Peter Clarke These tried, and proven tools compiled and used and instituted by me throughout my forty-five-year career at all most all of the properties I managed. These two books WILL PROVIDE A CLEAR-CUT APPROACH ……. The focus of my “Expect What You Inspect” system continually calls for improving product and service offerings, while setting desired monetary goals. The root intent of the books is for the reader:

  • to corner the market by providing a superior, consistent level of performance to exceed “guest-customer-consumer” expectations.
  • Through your commitment to profit, you will recognize that guest satisfaction is the critical ingredient.
  • To create a quality product and provide excellent service, a concerted focus on attention to detail is required.
“It’s Simply Good Business” Is a departure focusing on Business in General and is specifically designed as a “what’s needed approach in easy to read terms. “I have made this a free PDF copy to you upon request” Why, you may ask it is simple a Promotion!” Don’t misinterpret this is a  very good read for fundamentals.
  • Making it “Simple” use
  • It identifies and unlocks valued objectives
  • which will enable you to definitively recognize a clear pathway for implementing strategies
  • which can then guide you to positive operational success.